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Ajaz Khan Arrested by Mumbai Police!!!!!!

Ajaz Khan Arrested by Mumbai Police!!!!!!

The sparks that emitted in  India after a few news sources flippantly shared phony news and recordings targeting the Muslim people group, saw public conflicts in the middle of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and Bigg Boss distinction Ajaz Khan too wound up in a strict debate.

 In an ongoing Facebook Live meeting, the on-screen character was seen ranting over how Muslims are targetted for all catastrophes including the normal ones however was before long captured by the Mumbai Police. 

During the visit meeting, Ajaz had stated, "If an insect kicks the bucket, a Muslim is responsible. On the off chance that an elephant bites the dust, a Muslim is responsible.

 On the off chance that there is a tremor in Delhi, a Muslim is mindful i.e a Muslim is liable for any incident yet have you at any point thought who is liable for this connivance?"

 Invoking sections 153A, 121, 117, 188, 501, 504, 505(2) of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) against him, the Khar Police first summoned him and then registered the offense. 

The Muslim people group went under the radar when around 2,361 individuals of Tablighi Jamaat remained in the wake of attending the assembly at a Markaz (mosque) in Nizamuddin from 13-15 March. 

When emptied in a five-day activity by the Delhi Police and wellbeing officials toward the end of last month, a significant number of them tried positive for COVID-19.

 What followed was a demonisation of the Muslim people group everywhere where the entire pandemic was impiously accused on the Muslims courtesy some phony recordings and pictures pivoted unreliably by certain news sources. 

The Supreme Court on Monday saw that it 'can't choke the media' as it took up a request documented by a top Muslim body. 

The request in the top court was recorded a week ago by Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, in which it looked for bearings to the media to stop 'dissemination of phony news in such manner.' It had likewise looked for activity against 'errant' segment of the media spreading 'scorn' against Muslims.