Jawani Jaaneman review-Box office- Review

Jawani Jaaneman review-Box office- Review

Jawani Jaaneman review-Box office- Review

Jawani Jaaneman review

'Jawani Jaaneman', is a Hindi film directed by Nitin Kakkar, may be a story of changing paradigms of relationships in society. you'll be able to identify it as a youth oriented film. To justify the trendy type of relationships seen for this film, the director has shown charachters with foreign background.

Story: 40-year-old Jaswinder Singh aka Jazz (Saif Ali Khan) is essentially Dilfenk(CASANOVA), a runaway from the commitments. He considers wedding, kids and his responsibilities as the biggest obstacle to his freedom. this is often the explanation why despite having parents and relatives he remains alone. 

Jazz, a broker, who spends tons of his time at the club drinking alcohol and spending nights with new women. He is happy in his life the way it is, however only then comes 21-year-old woman named ischemia (Alaya Furniturewala) in his life. 

Just like the other women, he desires to toy with ischemia also, however he is lost when she learns that ischemia is his girl and is pregnant without wedding. can he once again get back Jazz's past as he tries to urge tia to flee the responsibility? The method he ran off from the responsibility of becoming a father, can he currently flip his back on his girl and her future child? to know this, you've got to look at the film.

Review: The story of Nitin Kakkar, who has directed films like 'Filmistan' and 'Friends', is trendy however there's freshness in it. they're going straight to the point of the story without spending time fitting the characters.In the first half, the story runs quick, however after interval especially in the last half the story dulls, and slows down a lot. However, the arrival of new characters undoubtedly brings some freshness. The film manages to make you laugh at many instances. Climax looks predictable , however fortunately it doesn't have comedy. The characters are seen flowing within the flow of the story while not sprawling regarding right and wrong. There are several composers within the film, which makes the music has become average.

Jawani Jaaneman review-Box office- Review

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